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  • quick release — [1] A locking or securing style of axle or bolt. One style has a lever which loosens a bolt so that another component can be removed. [2] See quick release …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Quick release skewer — A quick release skewer is the rod, threaded on one end and with a cam assembly on the other, a part of the quick release mechanism, a lever operated cam system used with a hollow axle for securing the wheels on a bicycle. Wheels equipped with… …   Wikipedia

  • quick release skewer — See quick release skewer …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • quick-release — A cam lever mechanism used to rapidly tighten or loosen a wheel on a bike frame, a seatpost in a seat tube, or a brake cable within cable housing …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Quick-release [quick-releasing] blanket — Резинотканевая пластина с облегчённым отделением листа …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • quick-release box — A box to which the harness of the parachute or ejection seat is attached. The harness can be undone by merely turning the box and pressing it, thus permitting the pilot to quickly separate from the seat or the parachute …   Aviation dictionary

  • quick-release skewer — A thin rod that runs through the center of a wheel axle; a cam lever is attached to one end and the other end is threaded to receive a nut. See skewer …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • release — See bonnet release hood release quick release quick release skewer …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • release — I. verb (released; releasing) Etymology: Middle English relesen, from Anglo French relesser, from Latin relaxare to relax Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude < release hostages > < release …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • release skewer — See quick release skewer …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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